Iconic landmark illustration

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Having graduated back in September my focus has been seeking that all-important break within the design industry which, I am sure you know, is not easy. I currently find myself stuck in a catch-22, where I’m seeking an entry level job to get experience, but cannot get an entry level job without experience.

While looking for ways to expand my portfolio with credible design work I came across Briefbox, an online learning tool and community for designers. Briefbox offers over 190 practice briefs all based on projects that agencies and freelancers would take on in the real world. The site also has many resources and tutorials to help designers to improve.

There are currently 8 free practice briefs to give you a little taste of what Briefbox has to offer, all covering different skills in design, from logos & branding to UI & app design. I chose to start with the ‘Iconic landmark illustration’ brief, as I found it to be the most engaging out of the free selection.

This brief allows for a lot of creative freedom, the landmark and the style it’s illustrated in are completely down to you, the challenge is to complete it within 3 days and to use no more than 4 colours.

For this brief I have gone for a landmark that is on my bucket list to visit, the awe-inspiring Tower of Yasaka, which is situated in middle of old Kyoto, Japan. The 5-story pagoda was founded back in the 6th century and has since been rebuilt after burning down, the current tower was built in 1440.

Inspired by Manga cover layouts, I wanted something that would work well as an artwork for posters and/or postcards. I had a lot of fun with this brief and allowed myself the full 3 days to finish, the limitations of using only 4 colours or less is a stylistic choice I tend to adhere to.

#briefbox #illustration #typographic

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