Crash the Party

I have been working alongside the conservation charity Save the Rhino to design a brand and identity for their 25th anniversary festival, ‘Crash the Party’. I was approached by the good people at Save the Rhino after they saw my ‘Escape’ festival branding that I did for Briefbox, But with a more British countryside feel. Here are the first wave of deliverables, expect to see more on the build-up to September The logo that I designed for Crash the Party. Given that the collect

Book cover update 2: coloured & detailed.

I ended up getting carried away with colouring in the characters, originally I had planned to go for something more along the lines of ‘outlines and block colour’ (kind of like my previous illustration work) but I felt this needed more love and attention, plus I was having too much fun with the tablet, as I’m sure you can see. I'm really happy with how this illustration is progressing, I certainly haven't done anything to this standard of illustration before, not bad for my f

Book cover update 1: characters outlined.

Update on the cover illustration for Meddlers, I now have the character outlines. In the past with illustrations I start off by sketching them out rough on paper, and then tracing over them in detail with a fine liner before scanning them into Photoshop, where I would go over the lines with the paint brush tool… using my mouse (Yeah I know). Which is not the best use of my resources as I have an amazing Wacom CintiQ 13HD tablet gathering dust. I got the graphics tablet about

Illustrating a sci-fi/action fantasy book cover.

I’m currently working on my first book cover. The book, Meddlers, is a sci-fi/action fantasy with a slight whiff of steampunk. The premise, what if Sod, of Sod’s Law fame, were a real person. The story revolves around Tom, a man who for all his many troubles is the splitting image of Lord Sod, the tyrannical ruler of a world populated by little people who are forced to do his every bidding, much of which involves meddling in our world. As with many fantasy book cover illustra

'Escape' festival branding.

I've been busy over the last few days with a potential client *fingers crossed* so if all goes well I'll be taking a break from Briefbox. But as promised, here is my 3rd Branding based brief completed, the Escape Festival branding brief. As an avid festival goer I really wanted to convey the magic of festival nightlife. I chose this Brief mainly because I wanted more branding projects in my portfolio as well as a chance to practice my iconography, as it's an area I don't usua

Quick fire: Illustration for a hobby book.

I’ve gone for another quick-fire challenge, this time it’s an illustration for a book called ‘101 things you need to try’. The aim of the book is to have a range of diverse illustrations of some interesting hobbies or things you generally enjoy doing that other people may not have tried. One of my favourite hobbies, that many others may not have tried, is sailing. For this illustration I wanted to convey a sense of what sailing feels like from a first-person perspective. Not

Speakers & Dub

I have now subscribed to the Briefbox ‘Pro’ membership, giving me access to more than 180 briefs. After spending some time going over every brief, I have picked 14 and added them to my learning path, a checklist of challenges to complete within Briefbox. To start off with, I have gone for another 3-day completion time brief, this time focusing on print and layout. The brief is called ‘Speakers & Dub’ in which you are tasked with designing a poster for an underground music sto

Iconic landmark illustration

Having graduated back in September my focus has been seeking that all-important break within the design industry which, I am sure you know, is not easy. I currently find myself stuck in a catch-22, where I’m seeking an entry level job to get experience, but cannot get an entry level job without experience. While looking for ways to expand my portfolio with credible design work I came across Briefbox, an online learning tool and community for designers. Briefbox offers over 19

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