Book cover update 1: characters outlined.

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Update on the cover illustration for Meddlers, I now have the character outlines.

In the past with illustrations I start off by sketching them out rough on paper, and then tracing over them in detail with a fine liner before scanning them into Photoshop, where I would go over the lines with the paint brush tool… using my mouse (Yeah I know). Which is not the best use of my resources as I have an amazing Wacom CintiQ 13HD tablet gathering dust.

I got the graphics tablet about 5 years ago, after watching countless speed painting videos online, I thought it would rekindle my joy for illustration, after college killed it stone dead. I spent a lot of money on the tablet (£600), thinking that committing that much money to a cause would push me to do something with it, I was wrong, the spark just wasn’t there. However, if there is ever a time for me to start using it, it’s now.

The tablet works extremely well with both Photoshop and Illustrator, giving me far more control and freedom than I am used to with these programs. Illustrator feels like a completely new program. So far I have had great fun illustrating these characters, this has opened many new possibilities for me to explore. 5 years later after getting the tablet and I'm finally getting my spark back!

I have made changes to a couple of the characters poses, Jack, (the character in the middle) has had his neck shortened, this helps illustrate the characters older age. The hand gripping the pistol has also changed to accommodate the pistols handle design. Pockets, (the young boy on the right) is now lifting his head up to illustrate confidence.

I still need to illustrate the larger characters in the background, but I’m feeling ready to start colouring in the characters and finding a style.

#bookcover #illustration #freelance

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