Speakers & Dub

I have now subscribed to the Briefbox ‘Pro’ membership, giving me access to more than 180 briefs. After spending some time going over every brief, I have picked 14 and added them to my learning path, a checklist of challenges to complete within Briefbox. To start off with, I have gone for another 3-day completion time brief, this time focusing on print and layout. The brief is called ‘Speakers & Dub’ in which you are tasked with designing a poster for an underground music sto

Iconic landmark illustration

Having graduated back in September my focus has been seeking that all-important break within the design industry which, I am sure you know, is not easy. I currently find myself stuck in a catch-22, where I’m seeking an entry level job to get experience, but cannot get an entry level job without experience. While looking for ways to expand my portfolio with credible design work I came across Briefbox, an online learning tool and community for designers. Briefbox offers over 19

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