Crash the Party

I have been working alongside the conservation charity Save the Rhino to design a brand and identity for their 25th anniversary festival, ‘Crash the Party’. I was approached by the good people at Save the Rhino after they saw my ‘Escape’ festival branding that I did for Briefbox, But with a more British countryside feel. Here are the first wave of deliverables, expect to see more on the build-up to September The logo that I designed for Crash the Party. Given that the collect

'Escape' festival branding.

I've been busy over the last few days with a potential client *fingers crossed* so if all goes well I'll be taking a break from Briefbox. But as promised, here is my 3rd Branding based brief completed, the Escape Festival branding brief. As an avid festival goer I really wanted to convey the magic of festival nightlife. I chose this Brief mainly because I wanted more branding projects in my portfolio as well as a chance to practice my iconography, as it's an area I don't usua

Leafy Fresh branding.

Just a quick one for today, here is my submission for the 2nd branding design brief on Briefbox, this time for a takeaway and delivery service specializing in vegan delicacies with fresh, locally-sourced, organic produce. For this brief I have gone for a vintage style stamp logo. Not using a leaf within the design (as requested) took a lot of restraint, I decided to go with an ear of corn, something a bit different, yet visually interesting. #briefbox #branding #logo

Branding for 'Peep' sunglasses

Looking at my portfolio, it became apparent to me that I didn’t have much in the way of any branding work, particularly commercial. I’ve decided that the next few projects for me will be focusing heavily on branding elements. To start with, I have gone for the ‘Branding for Peep sunglasses’ on Briefbox. For this brief I went with a tropical floral theme, using diverse and lively colours to convey the summer vibe. Going for a rustic upmarket approach, I decided that a simple

Quick Fire challenge: Label for world's hottest sauce

My 3rd submission on Briefbox, this one being a quick fire challenge, with the expected completion time of 2-4 hours. The brief is to design a label for the worlds hottest sauce. That's all you are given to work with, so it's a very open brief. Once I figured that the hottest peppers in the world (Carolina reaper peppers) look a lot like little mushroom clouds, everything pretty much fell into place. #briefbox #branding #productdesign

Speakers & Dub

I have now subscribed to the Briefbox ‘Pro’ membership, giving me access to more than 180 briefs. After spending some time going over every brief, I have picked 14 and added them to my learning path, a checklist of challenges to complete within Briefbox. To start off with, I have gone for another 3-day completion time brief, this time focusing on print and layout. The brief is called ‘Speakers & Dub’ in which you are tasked with designing a poster for an underground music sto

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