Book cover update 2: coloured & detailed.

I ended up getting carried away with colouring in the characters, originally I had planned to go for something more along the lines of ‘outlines and block colour’ (kind of like my previous illustration work) but I felt this needed more love and attention, plus I was having too much fun with the tablet, as I’m sure you can see. I'm really happy with how this illustration is progressing, I certainly haven't done anything to this standard of illustration before, not bad for my f

Book cover update 1: characters outlined.

Update on the cover illustration for Meddlers, I now have the character outlines. In the past with illustrations I start off by sketching them out rough on paper, and then tracing over them in detail with a fine liner before scanning them into Photoshop, where I would go over the lines with the paint brush tool… using my mouse (Yeah I know). Which is not the best use of my resources as I have an amazing Wacom CintiQ 13HD tablet gathering dust. I got the graphics tablet about

Illustrating a sci-fi/action fantasy book cover.

I’m currently working on my first book cover. The book, Meddlers, is a sci-fi/action fantasy with a slight whiff of steampunk. The premise, what if Sod, of Sod’s Law fame, were a real person. The story revolves around Tom, a man who for all his many troubles is the splitting image of Lord Sod, the tyrannical ruler of a world populated by little people who are forced to do his every bidding, much of which involves meddling in our world. As with many fantasy book cover illustra

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